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Workout Log!


Workout log that downloads to your phone or prints for your convenience. Keep track of your progress and progress further than you have before!


Product Description

This workout log is great for keeping track of your exercises and recording your reps, sets and weights. It is easily downloaded and saved to your smart phone for your convenience. Hard copies can also be printed.

The workout log contains a warm up, resistance training and cool down section. There is also a section to record the exercise, stretch or activity, the reps and sets, as well as a notes section for every exercise.

The notes section is great and is something that is often over looked. This section is great for citing issues you may have had with the movement, areas of focus, or can remind you to move up in weight the following week. Basically this section allows for reflection and change. This is how people get better!

Keeping record of your accomplishments not only allows you to track progress but also gives you and your students a sense of pride in all of the great things that have been accomplished.

Stay motivated and successful!


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